27 4 / 2016


Hi peeps,

I will show you something cool that helped me a lot to become better at Racing Rivals. it’s the online hack for racing rivals called RR Hack. A close friend of mine told me about it and I tried it out. I was really thrilled when I was the selected value of gems and money got into my account. That’s why I share this here now, I want to help all RR players that cannot afford paying for parts.

16 2 / 2016


Hey guys!

Did you remember my first share about how to get free crystals in Summoners War? Well, if you don’t know I’ll give you some details quickly. I shared a tool who can generate crystals and mana stones in your summoners war account. That tool is not working anymore so I started searching for another one. I wasn’t that hard, there are a lot of hacks but many of them didn’t working. So after some hours of testing I found this summoners war hack who is working like a charm. At least for me worked Test it and send me you thoughs.

01 2 / 2016


Hello folks! Because I saw you liked my last post where I posted another tool for cheating I decided to share another one that I use and I like a lot. It is called marvel contest of champions hack and is an online tool that can generate crystals, gold, units and ISO-8.

it is so cool because it is browser based, that’s means you can use it on your favorite browser. You don’t need to download anything, just follow the link above and the instructions.

18 1 / 2016


Inkle Studios produced 80 Days, which Computer Gamer gave 91% back in October. That is purpose sufficient to become thinking about their other literary adaptation: Sorcery! (the exclamation is a part of the title, I assure you!) is really a multi-part series according to Steve Jackson’s brilliant Fighting Fantasy books, particularly his four-part Sorcery! series released within the 1980s.

The very first a part of the Sorcery! game came out way back in 2013 for iOS, and it’ll lastly hit Computer on February two, 2016 A.D.

 It’ll arrive simultaneously using the second component, whilst the third will touch down on PC/Mac sometime this Spring. The fourth and final a part of Sorcery!, meanwhile, will arrive simultaneously on all platforms later this year.

The word around the grapevine, as soon as Marvin Gaye and also the Slits have stopped rudely hogging it, is the fact that Sorcery! is truly fairly great. I am searching forward to discovering out if that is accurate.

13 12 / 2015


 I type of believed DayZ currently had predatory wolves, but I should be conflating it with all of the other survival games that followed in its wake. The newest devblog has assured me that wolves, as well as other animals, are coming to obtain you within the gizzards, so it is not only zombies and humans you’ve to be concerned about any much more.

1 purpose you may be pleased to determine small Wolfie up there’s his fleshy interior, which you will have the ability to cook up and consume to sustain your self. The devblog warns that non-perishable meals is about to obtain a great deal much more scarce, what using the addition of growable meals and quickly animals.

04 12 / 2015

I can only envision the shudder that ran via the accounts division when Bethesda decided it would stump up a $1 million prize for 1 fortunate Elder Scrolls On-line player come February 1st. I’ll note that this is not a million-dollar lump sum, but $50,000 a year for the following 20 years. I know, it is hardly worth bothering.


It is the culmination of ESO’s #MillionReasonsToPlay campaign, and to become component of this mind-boggling advertising push, you will initial and foremost have to reside within the US (using the exception of little-known states like New York, Florida and Rhode Island), Canada (sorry, Quebec, not you), Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, Russia or the UK.

You will have to be a minimum of 18, as well, register by way of this entry type and log into ESO in between December 3rd and January 10th.

11 10 / 2015


Summoners war is a phone game that I love so much.The big problem about this game is that it’s pay to win. You need to invest a lot of cash to unlock good stuff. Recently I found some hacks for summoners war that can generate crystals, GP,energy for free. How cool is this?

06 10 / 2015


Rock Band, at its heart, requires officially licensed music tracks and breaks them down into guitar, bass, drum and vocal components. By matching the onscreen prompts you maintain your selected section from the song playing, and by teaming up with buddies you are able to really feel like you are really performing the music with each other.

This core encounter is as powerful as ever, but extra, distinctive attributes have produced a genuine distinction to how it feels to play.Probably the most essential alter will be the addition of Freestyle Guitar Solos, which permit you to produce impressive solos around the fly by following a set of easy prompts, so no matter what difficulty you play on you are able to effortlessly noodle away just like the gifted however improbable offspring of Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen.

It is really revolutionary and, by experimenting with various combinations of button presses and strumming methods, I was in a position to create a varied overall performance each time I played a song.